Dress Code

The standards of dress and appearance for students at Conner Creek Academy East/ Michigan Collegiate is based upon good taste, modesty, cleanliness, comfort, safety and practicality. They are intended to show respect to the school and its faculty, and to build school spirit. Students have the responsibility to dress and groom in a manner which does not disrupt the educational process nor endanger the health and safety of themselves or others. These standards are not intended to be all encompassing. Administration has the responsibility and authority to apply these general guidelines when confronted with questionable appearance not covered specifically.

  • All students must wear a uniform polo shirt or crew neck sweater; no hoodies are allowed
  • All students must wear khaki pants
  • Students may wear solid neutral color belts
  • Students may wear solid colored headbands in either red, black, or white
  • Students may not wear sandals
  • Any undershirts must be solid red, black, or white.
  • Students may wear the zip-up fleeces, but if they are unzipped, a school shirt must be worn underneath the fleece