Ms. Kendra is the counselor for both the middle and high school. She is here to support students and parents with social, emotional, career, academic and personal needs. Ms. Kendra’s aim is to provide resources and create opportunities during the students time at MC and beyond. Ms. Kendra can be reached at (586) 777-5792

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Visit the links below for resources and references on how Michigan Collegiate can assist in tuition.


5 Things to do after Filling Out Your FAFSA Form – More helpful tips from the U.S. Department of Education.

FAFSA (En Español)

English Spanish Glossary of Student Financial Aid

State of Michigan

Paying for College (website)

Affording College in Michigan

Guide from the MI Department of Treasury

Financial Aid Basics

Financial Aid Basics from the National Association of College Admission Counseling

Oakland University Financial Services

Oakland University Financial Services offers a variety of financial aid events and workshops available to high school students and their parents. FAFSA workshops begin in January. See their list of everything you need to complete your FAFSA.

More Information

Visit the links below to find any additional information on FAFSA and other government programs and tools for your student’s future.

US College Scorecard

This tool from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Affordability and Transparency Center allows you to select criteria and find out more about a college’s affordability and value.

Repayment Estimator

Enter real or hypothetical loan information to view estimated payments under different repayment plans.

College Covered

This site has helpful information for both students and parents. Search for scholarships, get FAFSA help, find out about campus jobs, and more.

Understanding your Financial Aid Award Letter

Helpful tips from Sallie Mae.


Free scholarship search. NEW! – Download the Fastweb! app to have scholarship updates at your fingertips! is a new site that awards scholarship money at participating colleges and universities based on achievements throughout high school.

7th hour letter

Erin’s Law Letter

Testing Information and Prep

Visit the links below for SAT prep, registration, and other information on the exam.

SAT Scores

Request test scores

SAT Registration

Register on-line for the SAT

SAT Dates & Deadlines

Test dates and deadlines

SAT Test Prep

SAT Family & Student Resource Guide from Oakland Schools.

Kaplan SAT Prep

Kaplan SAT Practice: includes question of the day and practice quizzes.

Khan Academy

More official practice for the SAT. Create an account to access practice tests, personalized recommendations, and instant feedback – ALL FOR FREE! Also available as an app. Test Prep

Test Preparation with Free Practice Tests

Xello Educational Development Plan

Xello Requirements for Grades 9-12.

Resume Builder

Seniors are now required by the State of Michigan to build a resume for graduation. Must be uploaded into the Storyboard on Xello.

Letter of Reference

Seniors are now required by the State of Michigan to know how to request a letter of reference.

Letter of Recommendation Request Form.


Seniors are now required by the State of Michigan to know how to request a school record.

Cover Letter Tips

Cover Letter: tips from the State of Michigan.

Xello Model

How Xello can help fulfill the New Michigan Career Development Model

NCAA Eligibility College Athletics and NCAA Clearinghouse

Any students planning to participate in a Division 1 or 2 college sport must be academically eligible and registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Academic Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Check out for all the eligibility requirements and to register.