Elementary Students

At Michigan Collegiate Elementary our staff is here to empower students, create lifelong values and skills, and inspire change that sets our students up for success. Students create long lasting bonds in academics and activities that transpire beyond these four walls, and make an impact in the community.

Student Portal

Visit PowerSchool and log in with your username and password. A letter with the passwords and instructions was sent out with Progress Reports. If you would like to request a log in, please contact the main office.

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook offers a glimpse into what a student can grow into at Michigan Collegiate. It provides our foundational values, expectations, and code of conduct for students while on campus.

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Dress Code

The standards of dress and appearance for students at Michigan Collegiate Elementary are based upon good taste, modesty, cleanliness, comfort, safety and practicality. They are intended to show respect to the school and its faculty, to build school spirit. Students have the responsibility to dress and groom in a manner which does not disrupt the educational process nor endanger the health and safety of themselves or others.

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Healthy school lunch box with sandwich and fresh vegetables


Click to see the monthly food menus for what Michigan Collegiate will be offering as food options for students.